Search Tips

Following are some  useful  tips while searching by title or author when typing the keywords in Marathi or English.
For Example, to search चक्र in Titles

  • Select Title in listbox in search block
  • Select English or Marathi for typing. Default is English.

  • While using English you can type ch / chak / chakr / chak\ etc and still can search the title.
  • While using Marathi type as it is in marathi. ( See typing help for details)
 To select Author select Author from listbox and search as per instructions above.
If you are searching for जयवंत दळवी you can just type jay / jayavanta/ jayawaMta etc as per some standard keyboard inputs for marathi and still get the result.

Need not worry if you are not familiar with typing in Marathi. Type in english and we will still try to search for you!