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“And I think it is a rude way to intrude in anyone’s privacy” she mumbled under her breath, and got those pair of eyes looking back at her again.
Jade Hunter not only finds her privacy shattered forever by this extraordinary guy called Arvind Asgaonkar with his uncanny ability to speak in the head, but soon finds him taking her life on a roller coaster which is seldom meant for any normal mortal. The roller coaster of ESP. Roller coaster of Love. And roller coaster of race against time to reach the ultimate…
Neelesh Kushte, in his maiden novel, seeks answers to questions aksed in all times. But seldom answered convincingly. Right from Yadnyawalkya who wrote major Upanishads to someone as recent as you, yourself. In this spellbinding thriller Neelesh compets you to dive into yourself and rediscover yourself.
The mystic journey of Arvind Asgaonkar and Jade Hunter will haunt you.
But, the ride is far beyound and much more than a love story.
The quest is for the ultimate.

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