Barrister’s Brat

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The book is excellent. It describes the hardship you went through during your student life, your efforts, village life during those times, the stress and the trouble you went through. There are very few doctors, who practice in rural areas and do research. Your research on scorpion sting is ably supported by clinical  observations and physiology based scientific thinking. I admire not only your struggle, but also your life, which is full of idealism. Hearty Congratulations.

Dr. Abhay Bang

I read your autobiography “Barrister’s Brat” in a single sitting. At each moment on can easily see the honesty and transparency in writing the expression of life. I am sure the difficulties that you have gone through in reaching this stage would be a source of inspiration for many young people. I would suggest young generation to read this book.

Dr. Prakash Amte

I have just finished reading your autobiography. I have really liked it. It is a story of a life that starts in a village like Dehed, blossoms and ends at a socially useful peak in the medical field. You had to struggle a lot, face social, domestic and internal strain, which proved that you truly stand by your name ‘Himmatrao’.

Sadanand Deshmukh

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