Why Mumbai Burned …and Bhiwandi Did not

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Why was the 42,000 strong Mumbai Police Force completely helpless against 10 Pakistani youngsters? What fundamental steps have been taken to ensure that 26/11 does not repeat itself? Is there no soultion to the Hindu - Muslim conflict? The Naxal and Maoist problem? Should we sit around while these issues eat away at the very roots of our national integrity and sovereignty? Why is China years ahead of us inspite of having a larger population? What can the common man do to leave behind a better India for the coming generations?
Suresh Khopade, serving senior IPS officer and award winning research author answers these questions in this explosive new book. Busting long cherished myths of the Indian Media, Intellectuals and the Public about governmence, bureaucrats, corruption, crime and policing, he goes on to suggest radical reforms based on solid research and puts forth revolutionary but practical solutions that he himself implemented successfully in the fight against terror, ethnic conflict, Naxalism, Maoism, corruption and lack of development.
It is also the story of a man’s intellectual revolt against an outdated social and administurative system and the colossal price he had to pay for it.

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