Sex Education to Adolescents

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 “Sex Education” is in reality Sexuality Education. It is an eduactional programme aimed at promoting the individual’s fulfilment, both in personal living and in his family and social relationship.
The primary goal of sexuality education is promotion of sexual and reproductive health.
Though sexuality education is needed from childhood, adolescence is a critical period, when curiosity is highest. Most of the adolescents grow up without information and skills needed for making right decisions about sexuality.
Sexuality education is not only about the biology of reproduction but also comprises several issues like relationships, personal skills, behaviour and health related to sexuality. It creates awareness about socio-sexual problems such as gender discrimination, sexual abuse, child marriage, dowry deaths and HIV infection.
There is a need for a curriculum that includes a comprehensive course in sexuality. This book has included a  document containing guidelines on the topics that may be presented to the adolescents in a developmentally appropriate manner. It will be useful to the adolescents for learning; and to the parents, teachers and sex-educators for implementing sexuality education to them.

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