Illustrated electrical theory

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The author of this book, Shri. Balkrishna B. Pise, is the retired Training Officer from the Training Department of the Government of India and his experience in the field of Electricity, both as a Technical Expert and a Teacher, exceeds 45 years. Out of these, for 35 years, he taught the traniees, student candidates, workers and technical training officers. He has been continuously appointed as a local examiner for all India examinations of N.C.T.V.T. and N.A.C. He has worked as a technical expert member on many occasions since 1964, on the National Training Reorganization Committee and has also prepared the curriculum of the N.C.E.R.T., Delhi.
‘The Illustrated Electrical Theory’ is specially useful for apprentices, not less for professional workers in all the industrial institutions where electrical instruments, applicances and machinery are used, as also for the educational institutions where training/teaching in this field is given. Accurately and amply illustrated, the book will serve as a valuable handy guide for all concerned.

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